Project Integration Engine

Powerful control over your project entity data.

Here are four compelling reasons to choose Project Integration Engine


EASY TO USE: You will be up and running in no time as our simple interface makes configuring processing of external data into Project Server a breeze.

BROAD DATA ACCESS: You can import in almost any form, if you can get it into excel, you can get it into our Project Integration Engine.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: No more developed solutions, saving time and money to ensure a rapid return on investment.

FLEXIBLE: Easily change data processing using a web page interface and avoid re-deploying new custom solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thor, our in-house question and answer guru, helps you get to grips with commonly-asked questions surrounding the Thor Apps Project Integration Engine (PIE) product.

Why is the Project Integration Engine a better option than hiring a developer?

Project Server integration has traditionally been done by hiring a software developer to build a custom component using the Project Server PSI to integrate between Project Server and other line of business systems, e.g. SAP.
The PSI is a set of web service method calls that only a software developer can leverage, but there are quirks and limitations (eg. only a limited size of change can be uploaded; some elements are managed through simple dataset while others are custom XML strings, add operations must be separated from update operations, it is complicated!). The result is buggy, flaky integration components and a Project Server implementation project that’s goes way over budget, over time and has limited user buy in. More often than not hiring the right developer is rare and the developer finds themselves well out of their comfort zone.

By wrapping the PSI in a user-friendly interface, the whole process is altogether much more straightforward, cheaper and more reliable than hiring a developer.

With PIE, integration is simplified and managed by a Project Server Consultant or Administrator.

How much does it cost?

ThorApps Online Services use a pay as you go usage model and a Payment Plan like a mobile phone plan. Payment Plans start at $50 per month (per O365 Tenant, NOT per user).

Can I get a free trial period?

Yes, we provide every customer a free $50 credit on their account on first install. If this isn’t enough for your requirements, please contact us, ThorApps will be happy to assist.

Do users need to sign in to use the apps?

Once signed in to their SharePoint Online environment users, receive no further sign in prompts.

Can you ensure my data remains in my local region?

We are limited to using Microsoft Azure data centres, but please contact us for your specific requirements.

Can my users create their own BI Service reports?


What currency am I charged in?

You are charged in the currency relevant to the local data centre you are hosted on. In Australia this is AUD in the United States this is USD and so on.

What support does ThorApps provide?

Support agreements can be tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual client. Either direct via ThorApps or your authorised support partner.

Is it secure?

Yes, please contact us for specific queries.

What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Edge.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us by calling +61 8 7127 2862 or emailing