Project Snapshots

Get an overview of all of your line of business systems information!

Here are four compelling reasons to choose Project Snapshots for Project Server

CONFIGURABLE: Get only what you need by taking a Snapshot of as much or as little information as you require.

CONSISTENCY: Ensure all project reporting is consistent, you can trigger a time to snapshot at the end of each reporting period.

ALL IN ONE PLACE: You can now get access to other Line of Business data, with the ability to include project and non-project data.

PERFORMANCE: No impact on or by Project Server databases as Snapshot data is stored in SQL, this also allows for easy report development in standard tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thor, our in-house question and answer guru, helps you get to grips with commonly-asked questions surrounding the Thor Apps Project Snapshots product.

Project Server already provides two methods to support time comparison reporting, so what does this tool help with?

The two Project Server solutions to time comparison reporting are through Baselines and the Archive database. The problem with baselines is there are only 10 slots to snapshot information into and you rely on the users to baseline a project into the right slot and at the right time. Plus, you can’t include information from other business systems or non-project related information (i.e. Custom Fields, or Resource Rates, even if it is stored in Project Server).

The problem with the archive database is that:

  1. the structure is designed to support backups and not reporting so it’s difficult to create a report from.
  2. it can’t be configured to snapshot only a small set of information or aggregated information.
  3. does not include another systems information.

Project Snapshots is designed to address these issues specifically.

How much does it cost?

ThorApps Online Services use a pay as you go usage model and a Payment Plan like a mobile phone plan. Payment Plans start at $50 per month (per O365 Tenant, NOT per user).

Can I get a free trial period?

Yes, we provide every customer a free $50 credit on their account on first install. If this isn’t enough for your requirements, please contact us, ThorApps will be happy to assist.

Do users need to sign in to use the apps?

Once signed in to their SharePoint Online environment users, receive no further sign in prompts.

Can you ensure my data remains in my local region?

We are limited to using Microsoft Azure data centres, but please contact us for your specific requirements.

Can my users create their own BI Service reports?


What currency am I charged in?

You are charged in the currency relevant to the local data centre you are hosted on. In Australia this is AUD in the United States this is USD and so on.

What support does ThorApps provide?

Support agreements can be tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual client. Either direct via ThorApps or your authorised support partner.

Is it secure?

Yes, please contact us for specific queries.

What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Edge.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us by calling +61 8 7127 2862 or emailing