Reflex Reporting

Easy access to all of your SharePoint lists in one place!

Here are four compelling reasons to choose Reflex Reporting


REAL TIME: Gain immediate access to your list data ensuring you are always reporting relevant data.

BUSINESS AS USUAL: Get data in a format that works for you, allowing to you to continue to focus on your business.

ALL IN ONE PLACE: Access all of your lists across your entire farm, allowing you to compile a complete picture.

PERFORMANCE: Run reports in a fraction of a time as list data is collated and stored in SQL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thor, our in-house question and answer guru, helps you get to grips with commonly-asked questions surrounding the Thor Apps Reflex Reporting product.

Isn’t it enough just to query the SharePoint content databases directly – why do we need Reflex Reporting?

There are three main issues with using the above approach:

  1. Querying the SharePoint content database directly voids support from Microsoft as it can cause table locks and prevent SharePoint from working correctly.
  2. The report author has to figure out which field to access as SharePoint stores all list content in a single table with fields named like nvarchar1, nvarchar2 or datetime2, datetime3.
  3. The report author has no control over the reliability of the content the report reads, and users can change the fields in lists, breaking reports and providing users with invalid information.

Reflex Reporting solves these problems, by creating a reporting database specifically for reports to read content. The reporting database is made up of tables that represent the list structures defined in SharePoint and use easy to identify field names (i.e. the same field names the user sees in a list).

Why should I choose Reflex Reporting – doesn’t SharePoint web services provide everything I need to produce reports?

SharePoint web services has the following issues:

  1. You can’t query content from list instances across a site collection.
  2. The sorting, grouping, and summing functionality is very limited
  3. SharePoint web services is very slow to execute because queries must run through XML, web services and then SharePoint before eventually hitting the SQL database and then the data has go back through the same channel again before the report can read it.
  4. It’s slow to develop because the report author usually needs to manually craft a SOAP request (web service call) in a text editor. (ie no designer)
  5. The report author still has no control over the reliability of the content the report reads, and users can change the fields in lists, breaking reports and providing users with invalid information.

Reflex Reporting avoids these problems, by allowing the report to query content directly from a SQL server database, providing all the performance and functions of SQL server (i.e. table indexes, sorting, grouping, summing etc). Virtually all reporting tools provide report authors with an easy to use interface to query SQL server tables and most report authors know and understand how to create a SQL query.

How much does it cost?

ThorApps Online Services use a pay as you go usage model and a Payment Plan like a mobile phone plan. Payment Plans start at $50 per month (per O365 Tenant, NOT per user).

Can I get a free trial period?

Yes, we provide every customer a free $50 credit on their account on first install. If this isn’t enough for your requirements, please contact us, ThorApps will be happy to assist.

Do users need to sign in to use the apps?

Once signed in to their SharePoint Online environment users, receive no further sign in prompts.

Can you ensure my data remains in my local region?

We are limited to using Microsoft Azure data centres, but please contact us for your specific requirements.

Can my users create their own BI Service reports?


What currency am I charged in?

You are charged in the currency relevant to the local data centre you are hosted on. In Australia this is AUD in the United States this is USD and so on.

What support does ThorApps provide?

Support agreements can be tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual client. Either direct via ThorApps or your authorised support partner.

Is it secure?

Yes, please contact us for specific queries.

What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Edge.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us by calling +61 8 7127 2862 or emailing