Flexy Forms

for SharePoint On Premise


Flexy Forms: for quick and easy form customisation

  • Flexy Forms work by efficiently managing your conditional formatting for list item fields - quickly and easily
  • Simplify the input forms used by your users, showing them only what they need to see, when they need to see it.
  • Avoid the need for SharePoint Designer, Info Path forms or Visual Studio customisations

Help is at hand with Flexy Forms

Flexy Forms allows you to customise how an item form is displayed to users without having to crack open SharePoint Designer, InfoPath Forms or Visual Studio. You regulate how fields are displayed on item forms (New, Edit and Display) by defining simple display rule. It's your choice on controlling when a field isvisible, read only, editable or required based on the following criteria: another fields value on the item, if the current user is defined in a field on the item or if the current user is in a SharePoint Group.


See the table below:


Advantages we can take away from the above process include:

  • Reduces user navigation
  • Reduces user confusion
  • Showing users only the fields they need to see
  • Only forcing users to enter field values when they are required
  • Preventing users from editing field values when they shouldn't
  • Improving data integrity

as fast and easy as it should be!