Flexy Forms

for SharePoint On Premise


Flexy Forms: Ask Thor

Thor, our in-house question and answer guru, helps you get to grips with commonly-asked questions surrounding the Thor Apps Flexy Forms product.

Q) ‘Do Flexy Forms really help me to save time compared to using a separate package to customise my forms?’

It's really quite likely you'll save hours, or even days with Flexy Forms compared to using SharePoint Designer or Info Path. When you use these to customise your forms it's possible you'll have issues when it comes to maintaining your customisations or migrating them between environments. With Flexy Forms the conditional formatting of fields is managed in a simple list of Rendering Rules via the list settings page. Rendering Rules can be exported and imported between TEST and Production environments and shared across list instances in the subsites of a site collection. The process is easy and takes just minutes.


Q) ‘Can I use Flexy Forms to simplify the flow of actions needed by a user performing an approval-type workflow?’

This is actually the most commonly used scenario for Flexy Forms. The usual method of working with workflows is to have a task created that in turn sends emails and the user is required to update the task to approve an item, often without seeing the item they need to approve. Flexy Forms makes it easy to add the approval fields to the item itself, but then hide them from the users that they don't apply to. This allows for workflows to work directly against the item and have users approving the item in front of them, rather than clicking around to find the item to review it, then back to find the task item to approve the other item that is no longer on the screen.


Q) ‘What do the forms look like?’

The forms look just like SharePoint forms. Only the field rendering is different, as below:


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