Project Integration Engine

The Project Integration Engine by ThorApps, a product that facilitates integration of Project Server with other business systems (like SAP) has recently had a feature update. As well as providing a clean interface to manage data between Project Server and external systems, Project Integration Engine now provides greater flexibility and ease of use improvements.
Multiple values can now be associated with custom fields enabling multiple association of resources through Project Integration Engine. Deactivating resources is now possible and reactivation of those resources can occur when they become available again. Project Integration Engine now supports the creation of projects using a Project Template, saving time and creating consistency across the organisation. Support has been added for custom field entity matching via cost, number, time, duration and date formats.
These updates provide greater flexibility, useability and save time, money and risk when integrating Project Server with existing business software systems.
For more information on how you can use Project Integration Engine to connect Project Server to your existing business systems please contact us.