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Project Integration Engine: Ask Thor

Thor, our in-house question and answer guru, helps you get to grips with commonly-asked questions surrounding the Thor Apps Project Integration Engine product.

Q) ‘Why is the Project Integration Engine a better option than hiring a developer?’

Project Server integration has traditionally been done by hiring a software developer to build a custom component using the Project Server PSI to integrate between Project Server and other line of business systems, e.g. SAP.
The PSI is a set of web service method calls that only a software developer can leverage, but there are quirks and limitations (eg. only a limited size of change can be uploaded; some elements are managed through simple dataset while others are custom XML strings, add operations must be separated from update operations, it is complicated!). The result is buggy, flaky integration components and a Project Server implementation project thats goes way over budget, over time and has limited user buy in. More often than not hiring the right developer is rare and the developer finds themselves well out of their comfort zone.

By wrapping the PSI in a user friendly interface the whole process is altogether much more straightforward, cheaper and more reliable than hiring a developer.

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