Power Field - SQL Lookup

for SharePoint On Premise


Help is at hand with the SQL Lookup field

The SQL Lookup field provides a similar functionality to out-of-the-box SharePoint lookup field, but instead of getting options from another list in SharePoint, it gets options from a SQL Server instance by executing a SQL query. It allows an easy integration between existing business data and SharePoint list data and helps to keep consistency between them.

  • Custom Queries – Can specify your own SQL query to retrieve options from a SQL Server instance.
  • Multi Select – Field can be either single select or multi select to fulfil user requirements.
  • Quick Edit support – Supports the SharePoint Quick Edit grid (formerly Datasheet view).
  • Flexible Authentication Mechanisms – Supports executing queries using Web Application Service Account, Defined Service Account or SQL Authentication.
  • User Experience – Gives the same user experience as standard SharePoint fields including Quick Edit, Sorting, Grouping and Filtering.

As fast and easy as it should be!