Our comprehensive range of solutions

Please see our product range below, which provides a variety of additional SharePoint and Project Server tools, enabling you to make the most from your SharePoint environment.  Simply click through to each specific product for more details, to try the product or to buy now.


Reflex Reporting Online Services


SSRS reporting for sharepoint & Project online

Reflex Reporting Online Services make it easy to produce reports from content in your SharePoint lists, Project data or other cloud data sources. Reflex Reporting Online mirrors SharePoint list items and Project entities into an Azure SQL database in real-time, along with providing users with view and authoring access to SSRS 2016 reports.

Core features..

  • Designed for SharePoint Online
  • Designed for SSRS reports
  • Supports Power BI reporting
  • Realtime data access
  • Unrivalled Performance


  • Flexibility
  • Cross site collection reporting
  • Access to List data
  • Access to Project Online data
  • The right way

Reflex reporting


Multi-site, real-time SharePoint reporting for SharePoint On-Premise

Reflex Reporting makes it easy to produce reports from content in your SharePoint lists. The core function of Reflex Reporting mirrors SharePoint List items into a SQL table in realtime.

Core features..

  • Rapid report development
  • Real-time data access
  • Cross site collection reporting


  • Unrivalled Performance
  • Flexibility
  • The right way

project integration Engine


Project Server Integration in minutes, not weeks!

Exporting data from Project Server is easy, it's all there in a SQL database, easy to read. But what about importing into or updating data in Project Server?

The Project Integration Engine (PIE for short) makes it easy to integrate other systems data into Project Server. Create Projects, Tasks, Resources, Assignments (and more) and keep them in sync with your other systems.


Flexy Forms

Quick and easy form design and field control

Flexy Forms allows you to customise how fields on an item form are displayed. You can control if a field is visible, read only, editable or required based on

  • another fields value on the item
  • if the current user is defined in a field on the item
  • if the current user is in a SharePoint Group

Power Field


SQL Lookup

  • Custom Queries – Can specify your own SQL query to retrieve options from an SQL Server instance.
  • Multi Select – Field can be either single select or multi select to fulfil user requirements.
  • Quick Edit support – Supports the SharePoint Quick Edit grid (formerly Datasheet view).
  • Flexible Authentication Mechanisms – Supports executing queries using Web Application Service Account, Defined Service Account or SQL Authentication.
  • User Experience – Gives the same user experience as standard SharePoint fields including Quick Edit, Sorting, Grouping and Filtering.

Power Field



  • Custom Format – Can customise the generated counter value by specifying Prefix, Width and Start Value.
  • Support Multiple Scopes – Generate unique values within a List, Site or Site Collection scope.
  • Enable/Disable Read Only – Can be configured to be read only or user editable according to user needs.
  • Quick Edit support – Supports the SharePoint Quick Edit grid (formerly Datasheet view).

Power Field

Linked Site Creator

  • Easy sub site creation – Provisioning a sub site associated with a SharePoint list item is just a click away.
  • Highly Configurable – Site provisioning options such as site template, links from parent site and site collection relative url can be configured.
  • Dynamic Site Properties – Site properties such as title, url can be derived from other fields in the list item to generate easily understandable sub site hierarchy.
  • Customisable Link – Link titles derived from other fields in the list item can provide user friendly access to the sub site.

Ribbon Manager


Create your own Ribbon buttons in seconds

Create new ribbon buttons for your List, View, Edit and New item forms in seconds and remove the users need to navigate all over SharePoint to start a workflow or run a report.


Save Options


Save your progress and reduce your clicking

A set of alternate Save Options for SharePoint items. Allows you to configure the additional options of

  • Save and Keep Editing
  • Save and Add New
  • Save and View

Project Snapshots


Snapshot your project or your portfolio, now or on a schedule

Take a Snapshot of your Project as it is at a point in time. Not just the information stored in Project Server, Project Snapshots lets you take snapshots of all information related to your project even from other Line of Business systems.


Site Renovator


Make your sub-sites all the same

Site Renovator allows you to run an analysis of a site collection and identify differences between the sites and a template site. With the results of the analysis you can then apply "fix it" rules across all sites in the collection.