Project Integration Engine

for Project Server
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Project Integration Engine: A Straightforward Integration Process


The Project Integration Engine works by wrapping the Project Server Interface (PSI) calls in a user friendly interface

  • A technically-competent user can configure the Import, Update or Deletion of Project Server Entities
  • Removes the need to hire a SharePoint or Project Server developer to build a custom component between project server and your other line of business systems

Help is at hand with the Project Integration Engine 

The Project Integration Engine (we call it the PIE) enables you to easily integrate information from your other line of business systems into Project Server (2010 or 2013). Extracting information out of Project Server has always been easy with the Project Server Reporting database (or the reporting tables and views in 2013), but importing, updating or deleting existing information in Project Server had to be performed either manually or via a software developer employed to build a custom integration solution.

  • User Interface - the PIE provides a simple interface to configure the processing of external data into Project Server (Additions, updates and deletes).
  • Data Access - Data to process is sourced through any OleDB provider. A standard data access mechanism.
    (So if you can import the data into Excel, you can get it into Project Server too.)
  • Rapid Return on Investment - By using the PIE, you avoid costly custom developed solutions (and developers) and the time required to build them.
  • Flexibility - The data processing is configured through a web page interface and is therefore easily changed and updated without having to re-deploy new custom solutions.

As fast and easy as it should be!