Project Snapshots

for Project Server



Project Snapshots allows you to snapshot project and non-project related information for use in time based reports. Snapshots can be taken either manually, via a Snapshot button
on a Project PDP (Project Details Page) or via a schedule. The most advanced feature of Project Snapshots is the ability to snapshot aggregated information (saving on disk space
and later report processing time) and to snapshot other line of business systems information.

Core features...

  • Configurable - Project Snapshots can be configured to snapshot a lot, or a little information based on your requirements.
  • Scheduled Snapshots - Snapshots can be triggered on a timer (i.e. at the end of each reporting period), ensuring all project reporting is consistent.
  • Manual Snapshots - Snapshots can be triggered manually by a user (i.e. Project Manager) via a Snapshot button on a project PDP.
  • Snapshot other Line of Business data - through OleDB connections (a standard data access mechanism) other Line of Business systems data can be included in project
    and non-project snapshots.
  • Stored in SQL - By storing the Snapshot information in a dedicated Microsoft SQL database, reports can be easily developed using standard tools (e.g. Reporting
    Services, Crystal Reports, Excel Services and more) without impacting (or being impacted by) the Project Server databases.

Problems solved by Project Snapshots

Project Server already provides two methods to support time comparison reporting, so what does this tool help with?

The two Project Server solutions to time comparison reporting are through Baselines and the Archive database.

The problem with baselines is there are only 10 slots to snapshot information into and you rely on the users to baseline a project into the right slot and at the right time. Plus you
can't include information from other business systems or non-project related information (i.e. Resource Rates, even if it is stored in Project Server).

The problem with the archive database is that

  • it can't be configured to snapshot only a small set of information or aggregated information
  • the structure is designed to support backups and not reporting so it's dificult to create a report from
  • does not include other systems information

Project Snapshots is designed to address these issues specifically.

as fast and easy as it should be!