Reflex Reporting

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Help is at hand with Reflex Reporting

Reflex Reporting enables you to easily produce and manipulate multi-dimensional reports from content in your SharePoint lists. Reflex Reporting instantly mirrors SharePoint List items into unique SQL tables. No delay, no fuss features that will drastically cut resource time saving you money and effort.


Customer ElectraNet explains how Reflex Reporting has helped them to save costs and run a more profitable business.

“Reporting across multiple project sites has always been a challenge. Reflex Reporting allows us to do just that, quickly and easily. Using warehoused data in a single table makes reporting a better alternative to costly and time consuming web service calls.  It’s great for dashboards, portals and reports alike. Overall, Reflex Reporting has made reporting across multiple projects much easier and more efficient for ElectraNet.”

Ren Gentilcore, Business Analyst, ElectraNet.        


  • Cross site collection reporting (or across an entire farm) by processing multiple list instances of the same type into a single SQL table for that list type.
  • Real-time data access through item level event receivers the SQL data is kept up to date as the user saves the item in SharePoint.
  • Rapid report development using industry standard tools (e.g. Reporting Services, Crystal Reports or more)
  • Performance through querying SQL server directly and using indexes rather than complex SharePoint list connectors or custom web services.
  • Flexibility by storing the content in simply structured SQL table you can do all the common functions you need (i.e. grouping, sorting, summing etc).
  • Custom Input Validation by using SQL server you can define almost any validation rule you need.
  • The right way by extracting content into a separate database for reporting you don't compromise your support from Microsoft for your SharePoint environment.

As fast and easy as it should be!