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 Reflex Reporting: Ask Thor

Thor, our in-house question and answer guru, helps you get to grips with commonly-asked questions surrounding our Reflex Reporting Online service.              

Q) How much?
Reflex Reporting Online Services use a pay as you go usage model and a Payment Plan similar to a mobile phone plan. Payment Plans start at $50 per month (per O365 Tenant, NOT per user). You can download our Price Calculator here.

Q) Can I get a free trial period?
Yes, we provide every customer a free $50 credit on their account on first install. If this isn’t enough for your requirements, please contact us.

Q) Can I report on Project Online content?
Yes, please contact us to get the .app file, which is not currently included in the general download package.

Q) I’m a SharePoint solutions provider, supplying solutions and services to my customers. Can I get a discount?
Let's talk. Our aim is to help you provide the best solution for your customers and we have an incentive plan that puts you front of mind for your customers.

Q) Do users need to sign in to use the app’s?
No. Users are already signed in to their SharePoint Online environment and receive no further sign in prompts.

Q) Can I use my own SQL environment (either on premise or on my own Azure subscription)?
Yes. There is some minor configuration we need to do for you, so once you have decided to go ahead, please contact us.

Q) Can I use my own SSRS 2016 environment?
Technically yes. But are you sure you want to? The running costs are quite high, there is a fair amount of initial setup (incurring additional charges) and environment support and availability becomes your problem rather than ours.

Q) Can you ensure my data remains in my local region?
Yes. We are limited to using Microsoft Azure data centres, but please contact us for your specific requirements.

Q) Can I query data sources other than SharePoint or Project Online?

Q) Can I join, filter and aggregate SharePoint list data in report queries, like I would in an on premise environment?

Q) Can I collate list data from subsites across a site collection?
Yes, this is already done for you.

Q) Can I create real time Power BI dashboards from my data?

Q) Can my users create their own reports?
Yes…but do you really want them to? You can provide access to anyone to author reports for you, but we have locked down the publishing of reports to site collection administrators only. You should have some processes in place to ensure you are managing a consolidated list of “useful” reports. In our experience, if you just let users loose, they will make a mess you have to clean up.

Q) What currency am I charged in?
You are charged in the currency relevant to the local data centre you are hosted on. In Australia this is AUD in the United States this is USD and so on.

Q) What support does ThorApps provide?
A. This depends on the support agreement you have chosen. End user support is directed to the local support provider you have chosen (if any). Local support providers receive support from ThorApps based on their individual agreements with us. If you are unhappy with the support from your local provider, please contact us.

Q) Is it secure?
Yes. All our apps are developed using Microsoft standards and best practises, hosted and secured on Microsoft platforms (SharePoint Online and Azure). If you have any specific question’s around security, please contact us.

Q) What browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Edge.

Q) What about performance impact? Will these services slow my SharePoint Online environment down?
No. The List Sync service uses asynchronous events that process after item actions have been completed by users. There is a small load added to Microsoft backend servers, but these are in turn balanced and tuned to handle the extra load and maintain SLA performance requirements.

Q) Do you have more questions? Please contact us and we'll respond ASAP.