Ribbon Manager

for SharePoint On Premise



Ribbon Manager allows list designers to create and manage custom ribbon buttons for the List, item Edit, View and New forms with just a few simple clicks.
There is no need to crack open SharePoint Designer or InfoPath forms and fight your way through and if your a bit tech savy you can even create some fancy
business logic using JavaScript: statements instead of just navigating to another page.

Core features...

  • Custom Button Images - Use your own images as buttons or refer to the standard SharePoint images.
  • Multiple Forms - You can customise the ribbon bar on the List, item View, Edit and New forms.
  • Navigation or Pop out - Control how a new page is opened, either in the same window or as a new window or tab.
  • Supports JavaScript - You can add a little JavaScript to make the button perform conditional navigation or processing.

Problems solved by Ribbon Manager

The Ribbon Manager was created to make it easier to create custom ribbon buttons. Advanced SharePoint users (i.e. list designers, administrators etc) have
always been able to create custom ribbon buttons, but it has always involved using either SharePoint designer for simple buttons or using Visual Studio to
create slightly more advanced buttons.

The Ribbon Manager is commonly used to create buttons to navigate users to a report (derived from the current item) or to start a workflow without having
to navigate through a maze of workflow start pages. It has even been used to create item approval and rejection buttons via some handy JavaScript.

as fast and easy as it should be!