Save Options

for SharePoint On Premise



Save Options provide an additional set of Save buttons on SharePoint Edit and New list item forms that make a users life generally happier.

Core features...

  • Save and Edit  - Allows the user to Save the current item and keep editing it, without having to navigate back to the same item.
  • Save and View - Saves the current item, then navigates the user to the View form for the item.
  • Save and Add New - Saves the current item and navigates the users to a new item form for that list.

Problems solved by Save Options

Standard SharePoint lists provide only a Save button and a Close button and users therefore need to constantly waste time navigating through the pages and lists and often give
up on detailed data entry when a page times out. By providing the user with a simple Save and Keep Editing button the user can happily enter their information (with frequent Saves)
and not worry about losing it, or having to Save it, then find the same item in the list, click it to view it, then click again to edit it.

Save and View? Why?
There are often ribbon buttons for an item that only make sense on the view item form (i.e. Print a report) and therefore providing the user with a quick
"Save this and show me the View form" button saves time and user frustration.

Save and Add New?

This button makes repeated data entry (that can't be done via the datasheet/quick edit views) vastly faster. It may only save one click, but it's also the time the user spends waiting
for the pages to post back and render that is saved.

as fast and easy as it should be!