Site Renovator

for SharePoint On Premise



A SharePoint site collection usually starts with each site being derived from a site template ensuring all sites have the same lists, fields and pages. Over time, individual sites
are tweaked to suit the needs of the day and this causes the sites to become inconsistent. While this is a handy feature of SharePoint it can also cause problems when trying
to collate information from across the site collection.


The Site Renovator allows SharePoint administrators to see at a glance the differences between sites within a site collection and if need be apply corrections across the site

Core features...

  • Improved Business Reports - By making sites conform to a consistent schema, reports generated from the site content will also be consistent and reliable.
  • Configurable - Site Renovator has a configuration page in Central Admin allowing the adminstrator to configure common site deviation comparison reports.
  • Find it and Fix it- The Site Renovator not only reports variations, but allows the administrator to apply common corrections (i.e. Add field X to list Y in all sites
    where it is missing).

Problems solved by Site Renovator

The Site Renovator can be used for simple scenarios to save time (ie. to add field X to list Y in all sub sites), but it can also be used for much more complex scenarios with
mashed up field names and types, deleted or renamed lists etc. SharePoint implementations often involve configurations with site collections with commonly structures
sub sites (i.e. a sub site for each client, vendor, project, resource or contractor etc) and more often than not the information stored in these site collections is used for

Consider the following scenario...

A professional services organisation has a site collection of clients and each client subsite has an issues list so the client can report issues to the company.
The company has a reporting services report that reads from across the entire collection of clients to highlight "high priority" issues to service staff and management.
However it has been found that not all "high priority" issues are reported service staff or management and as a result several clients are becoming disgruntled while their
high priority issues go unattended.

How does this happen?
Over time, the schema of the lists in sub sites change because the "owners" modify them to suit their needs. For example the priority field was once a number and then gets deleted
and replaced with a dropdown of high, medium and low values. All records in this list will now be excluded for the high priority report.

The Site Renovator finds these problems and allows administrators to correct them. Then of course you can use Reflex Reporting to prevent the issues from occuring to start with.

as fast and easy as it should be!