Sam is a project manager working in utilities, using Project Online. He runs daily project status meetings and had to manually collate information from project schedules and lists in project workspace sites. This was taking Sam an inordinate amount of time, and even with all that effort, he could only ever see day old information.


We created Sam a single status report for each project that was updated to the minute, so he could focus on problem areas. Using BI Service and Project Sync Service, we created a PoP report (Project on a Page). His Issue, Risk and Change Request information became available immediately and Project Schedule information a few minutes after publishing a project.


Sam got his sanity back and was so happy with the solution, we then put the report into a web part on the project sites, so all team members could see the “to the minute” status anytime. This has also resulted in much shorter status meetings with everyone updating the report before it’s presented in the meeting.