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Welcome to Thor's App Store.

Here you will find no nonsense tools, apps and add-ons for SharePoint.

At ThorApps we provide a direct, no-nonsense approach to SharePoint. We pride ourselves in offering add-on components, tools and applications for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, enabling you to make the most from your SharePoint environment, save resources, maximise your budgets and provide a streamlined service for your customers.

Dumb Choices

Reflex Reporting Online Services

Multi-site, real-time SharePoint reporting for SharePoint Online Services

Reflex Reporting Online Services make it easy to produce reports from content in your SharePoint lists. The core function of Reflex Reporting Online mirrors SharePoint List items into a SQL table in realtime.
Core features..
  • Designed for SharePoint Online
  • Designed for SSRS reports
  • Supports Power BI reporting
  • Realtime data access
  • Unrivalled Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Cross site collection reporting
  • The right way
  • Access to List data
  • Access to Project Online data

Project Integration

Project Server Integration in minutes, not weeks!

​Exporting data from Project Server is easy, it's all there in a SQL database, easy to read. But what about importing into or updating data in Project Server?

The Project Integration Engine (PIE for short) makes it easy to integrate other systems data into Project Server. Create Projects, Tasks, Resources, Assignments (and more) and keep them in sync with your other systems.

Flexy Forms

Quick and easy form design and field control

Flexy Forms allows you to customise how fields on an item form are displayed. You can control if a field is visible, read only, editable or required based on

  • another fields value on the item
  • if the current user is defined in a field on the item
  • if the current user is in a SharePoint Group