About Us

Working in the IT sector as seasoned developers with SharePoint (and other Microsoft technologies) has made us acutely aware of the brilliance – and limitations – of the SharePoint product suite.  We took the challenge to see how our add-ons and apps could enhance the product, by taking out laborious tasks, reducing the use of external development resources, and therefore helping to maximise budgets.  Nearly 10 years of work have resulted in the ThorApps suite of products, sold to industry internationally through our network of trusted partners and service providers – the people on the ground who can work directly with you and impart their knowledge, and our products.


User Friendly

The experience of using ThorApps products should be easy, self-explanatory and seamless.

Free Updates

Product improvements (i.e. patches) should be free to our valued existing customers.


We will provide the best value for money possible!