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Create, export and schedule stunning real-time dashboards to make informed decisions. Choose to leverage your existing investments in Power BI or simply make the most of it as a stand-alone app.

By being a Certified Microsoft Partner we have access to the latest training, resources and dedicated support. This means we are always up-to-date on the latest features, releases and early product information to provide our clients a robust, seamless SharePoint experience.

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Create insightful
real-time dashboards

Present stunning dashboards to your SharePoint users by configuring your pages with the Report Viewer web part and allow them to collaborate with accurate data. The SharePoint page dashboards can even be rendered via your mobile browser, so you can query on the go.

Export, schedule and distribute reports at the right time

Save your reports to a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and more. With scheduled delivery, you can have your most important reports emailed to you, or published to a document library for re-distribution.

Migrate data with fully compatible features

Compatible with Microsoft SSRS 2008R2 or higher, which enables you to easily migrate your existing reports. fully compatible when migrating to Microsoft's Power BI Report Server, in case you choose to move away from BI Service in the future. 

Personalize with context sensitive content

Reports and dashboards can automatically filter content based who the current users is or where the report is accessed from in SharePoint.

Power BI

If you already use the free version of Power BI but feel limited on sharing reports, BI Service allows you to collaborate in real-time and enables any user to consume BI content for only a fraction of the price.

Control your data sovereignty

Allows you to manage permissions in SharePoint and have the flexibility to choose where your data and report server's reside.

Automate with data driven subscriptions

With data driven subscriptions you can publish or distribute a report  with content customized based on any information you want. Who the recipient is, what the date is, and more.

BI Service by ThorApps - How to upload your SSRS reports to SharePoint Online

BI Service by ThorApps - How to upload your SSRS reports to SharePoint Online

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Why BI Service


Forget long-term implementation and complex billing models. We have 6 compelling reasons why you should rely on BI Service:


Increase productivity with no user re-training

By migrating from SSRS and SharePoint on-premise to BI Service and SharePoint Online, you keep a consistent look and feel and feature set. You won't need to spend hours retraining users on different tools or features.


Create as many environments as

you need

BI Service allows you to create any number of separate environments. This gives you the benefit of following Dev, Test, Production release management processes but also to separate departments from each other (i.e. Sales, Operations, Admin).


Access data from anywhere, anytime

When choosing for ThorApps to host your reports, you can fully and securely rely on a cloud service, accessible anywhere in the world, from any device.


Save money with

no license management

BI Service is billed on a consumption model, like a mobile phone plan. There are no user licenses to manage or pay for individually. To know more about our billing model and plans, click here.


Retain your investment in SSRS reports

By using BI Service, you retain the investment you've already made in SSRS reports. You don't have to re-invent the wheel and create all new reports.


Test for free in your own environment

Trialing BI Service for free lets you ensure it meets your specific requirements, using your own data. In addition, the account management features within the app let you track your usage as you go.


How does it work?

ThorApps offers its own SSRS farms, which is a secured space to store your data.

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Upon submitting this form, you will be provided with the installation instructions for BI Service. These instructions will lead you through adding the app to your SharePoint site and provide further links to related documentation.

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